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Cayman Brac Vacation Rentals


127 Bert Marson Road

PO Box 144 WE

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands KY2-2001 (email)

345-938-8255 (Henry cell)

345-923-4385 (Sasha cell)



About the Owner:


Owner and operator: Henry Barbera


Address in the United States: 55 Holly Lane, Woodstown NJ 08098


Address in the Cayman Islands: 127 Bert Marson Road, PO Box 144 WE, Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands KY2-2001


Email Address:

I travel frequently so the best method of contact is by email.


Cell phone number in the Cayman Islands: 345-938-8255


Skype number (worldwide): 856-624-3364

The international dialing code for the United States is (001)


Language Spoken: English


Primary residence since 2009: Cayman Islands


Property Assistant: Sasha Wesley Bodden

Languages spoken: Spanish & English

Cell phone number in the Cayman Islands: 345-923-4385


A little about the owner:


I grew up in south New Jersey in the United States and always loved being in the sun, by the water and surrounded by palm trees. I have always traveled and I vacationed on Cayman Brac in 2008. When I retired in 2009 I returned to purchase a property. Now I have three properties on the island - one on the south side, which is my primary residence. It also is a vacation rental property when I am traveling. Two of the properties, on the north side, are vacation rental properties. I still have the travel bug and spend a few months a year seeking new adventures. I have three grown children and I am in a committed relationship.